Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Process


Where are you headed? What’s important to you? It starts with a complimentary first meeting or phone call to get to know one another and explore how we might work together. We will then explore your personal and financial goals, needs, and priorities. Bring us statements, tax returns, and other important financial documents and we will assess your current financial Status.


Once we have gotten to know you, we will develop an investment strategy tailored to your unique needs. The strategy will be part of a comprehensive plan that we recommend for long term success.


Time to take action. We will help implement the plan through organization, constant communication, product selection, and professional referrals. Our goal is to make this process quick and easy for you.


Things change. We will continually monitor and update the plan in light of your changing situation. When we discover that your plan or investment strategy needs updating, we will act quickly to make adjustments.